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Hello I'm Christy,

So glad you are here. I am a certified Christian Life Coach and have a BA in Education. I have either been coaching, leading or teaching for over 25 years. I am a wife and a mom of 4. I am passionate about walking alongside women, just like you, as you discover your life of purpose.  My life word is JOY! It would be an honor to share that joy with you and see your life filled with hope and purpose. 

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Step out of your fear and

into your Purpose

Right now we are taking a break from coaching. Praying you find the right coach for you. If you would like a recommendation please call me.

Christian Life Coaching for women who are ready to discover their purpose and live a life full of joy. 

Are you feeling hopeless or lost? 

 Do you want to live a life filled with joy,

living out your calling?

You can live a life where you are excited to get out of bed each day! You can live a life filled with meaning, knowing you are making a difference in this world. Do you want to walk this journey together? 

I am here for you!



Jade M.

"God had blessed me with Christy at a very significant point in my life...what truly touched me is her honest desire to see me dream and succeed."

T. Hsieh

"The journey with Christy was such a blessing in my life. Her heart and understanding are bearing true fruit of the Spirit that enabled me to reflect and take action."

Laura P.

"Walking with Christy through some rough places of the soul was a God ordained process. She didn't tell me what to do, she helped me to figure it out through analysis, 

but most importantly through God's Word."

Tanya R.

"Christy is compassionate and has the ability to make people feel loved and not afraid to be truthful."

Melissa A.

"Christy is incredibly loving, patient, kind, strong and prayerful. These things help draw

 out others gifts and talents."

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Discovery Session

Breakthrough Package

Life Purpose Package

Individual Sessions


Contact Me 

Love Spoken Coaching

752 140th Lane NW

Andover MN 55304

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